Uncomplicated Music Apps

We’ve got a number of apps to help you learn and memorize music theory that will help take you to the next step of knowledge of music.Follow the links below to the full app descriptions
  • Smart Interval Trainer: This app is designed to make you an interval pro… if you can remember the intervals in call keys then you’ll be able to building chords, scales, transposing progressions, know why that note sounds so good over the progression you’re playing, etc.
  •  Smart Piano Keyboard Interval Trainer: This is the piano/keyboard version of Smart Interval Trainer…choose the intervals on a piano keyboard…. each has it’s virtues… With Smart Interval Trainer you learn your intervals by note name which applies to all instruments….With Smart Piano Keyboard Interval trainer you learn more visually…though you may be going by pattern rather than note.
  • Major Scale Explorer: Major Scale Explorer takes the Major Scale Reference feature found in both Smart Interval Trainer and Smart Piano Keyboard interval trainer and puts it in it’s own app.