About Uncomplicated Music

At Uncomplicated Music we love music! Our motivation for creating our apps comes from our desire to become better musicians. To be able to understand, appreciate and create music.

There are many parts to learning music. There is the theory itself as a foundation. Then there’s the application of that theory. It’s one thing to know hot to build scales or chords but it’s another to be able to do so in real time. Then of course you have to apply it to the instrument in a musical way.

Our inspiration for Smart Interval Trainer, our first app, came as a result of listening to an interview with one of our favorite artists. A true virtuoso. The ease at which he could recall this information was astonishing. If only we could do that too.

Theory is just one aspect of music. In fact some of the best music has been made by musicians that have no idea how scales or chords are built. But if inspiration hits and something truly great comes out a knowledge of the theory (especially if it can be recalled in real time) can help to understand why whatever it is sounds so good. Additionally the theory can be a source of ideas for musical exploration that eventually leads to a collection of the sounds we like.

Our goal is to continue putting out apps that help us and you become better musicians.