Music Theory Tutorials

Music theory is a bit difficult but it leads to a better understanding of music. You can be a great musician knowing nothing about theory but having an understanding of the principles will open many musical doors. In this section you’ll find tutorials that will help you understand some of the concepts that are very useful to expand your knowledge.Follow the links below to tutorials:
  • Musical Notes: Notes are the individual sounds that music is made of. They are what everything else is based upon.
  • The Major Scale: It’s useful to group notes that work well together. The scale is one of the ways of grouping notes. The major scale is a foundation for a lot of other music theory.
  • Intervals: Intervals in their most basic form are the distances between the tonic (first note) and the other notes of the major scale. However knowing your intervals implies a strong knowledge of the major scales that underlie them. That knowledge gives you a great command of music and will super charge your understanding of musical theory.
  • Why Intervals?: This tutorial brings it all together and takes a whirlwind tour of music theory showing how knowing your intervals can help you understand the theory and how it can take your musicianship to the next level.

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